Flash Player Bug with RoR 2:HTTPService fires fault by http status code 201

Regarding Flexible Rails: Flex 3 on Rails 2, by Peter Armstring, and its Forum

This relates to a previous thread, but the solution is buried deep within the thread. There is a bug in Flash Player, which has been reported:


Adobe considers this bug report “closed” with the “resolution” of “cannot fix”. Basically, Flash Player HTTPService incorrectly faults on status code 201, which indicates “successful creation”. The Rails 2 scaffolding code returns this status code 201 on successful creation, triggering the fault event from HTTPService, and preventing the code in CreateLocationCommand.as on page 318 (for example) from working.

Since Adobe has given up on fixing this error, a workaround is required. One workaround would be to intercept the fault event, locate the status code 201, and treat it as “success”. However, I cannot find the status code in the fault event (!). You could also just treat the fault as a “success”, but then you wouldn’t know whether the create was successful.

The best workaround seems to be to change the status code returned from 201 to 200. This can be done in the rails controller. In this case, using iteration 8 code, pomodo/app/controllers/locations_controller.rb, line 55, change “:created” to “:ok” and CreateLocationCommand.as will work again.

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